Connecting South Africans In Austin Texas

There are thousands of South Africans living in Texas! They live all over the state, mostly in or around the big cities, including many South Africans in Austin and the surrounding areas.

Our purpose with South Africans in Austin (this website) is to provide information to South Africans who want to come to Austin, as well as to those who are already here.

There are issues that are unique to expats, like making friends, having to renew a passport, or making a favorite South African dish. We try to fill some of these gaps to make life easier.

South Africans in Austin Texas

What is on South Africans in Austin?

We provide information about the following issues that South Africans typically deal with:

A collection of articles and products to make your favorite South African foods

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Staying In Touch

We encourage you to stay in touch with us or to network with other South Africans in Austin: